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$2 of every mint is donated to charity.

Crunchy Cows are a collection of 9,999 NFT cows chowing down on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crunchy Cows was created in public on TikTok by NFT artist @ryryart. Our community is focused on helping NFT creators learn and build in Web3. We also vibe and do cow stuff. Moo.

Introducing Diamond Hooves!

Our first NFT line since the Crunchy Cows Discord become the Crunchy Crew, Diamond Hooves give original cow holders early access and first dibs to future drops. 

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Road Map


You can now connect your metamask wallet to order your Crunchy Cow through OpenTee!


From Crunchy Cows comes the exclusive community NFT line, Diamond Hooves. 

Crunchy Cow Creators

Ryan Maloney


Ryan Maloney is an artist, animator, and creative addict currently creating Crunchy Cows in public on tiktok. He has directed animated music videos for artists like Asher Roth, Lil’ Yachty, Fancy ft. Ariana Grande/ Meghan Trainor, and Owl City. Crunchy Cows is his second official NFT line.  



Jhon Ardila is an experienced Discord Manager and Brand Builder. He takes pride in providing the best experience possible for the community. With a background in business, he looks towards helping and guiding the community while building the Crunchy Cow Brand. He is an artist and an NFT adventurer himself with interest in the web3 world. 

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To mint crunchy cows use mint now button; to buy on secondary connect to opensea otherwise check discord #mint-support

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We’re building a community for people interested in the behind the scenes, the how-to’s, and learning while being invested in a NFT line they can be proud of.